Research & Exploration

Do not rely on a product of chance, but on creative
and structured solution finding.

Ideas Exploration

I conduct design sprints, user workshops and problem explorations to test your product idea in a concrete application framework.

User Experience Evaluation

I offer conversion checks, usability tests or analyses of the activities of your users – remotely or at your site.

MVP Definition

I define customer journeys, user stories and features so that your idea can be quickly presented to real users as a click dummy or prototype.

User Experience

Inspire your users with Customer Centricity and the selection of the right touchpoints.

Wireframes & Mockups

I reduce complexity to show the essential functions, clickflows and structures of your digital product using sketches and wireframes.

Cross-Touchpoint UX Framework

I plan a positive user experience that connects different channels and devices. In the foreground is always the benefit of your users. This is the orientation of the interaction possibilities.


The definition of sales funnels, conversion pipelines and checkout processes for a 360° approach and centralization of all your contact points is part of a successful product launch for us.

User Interface Design

Discover the power of an intuitive user interface, serving as the bridge between your application and your users.


I create design systems to give your application consistency in the visual surface and to enable a sustainable expansion.

Conversational Interfaces

I use human forms of communication as user interface to make your application more humane and lively.

Adaptive design for AI applications

Your algorithm-based service needs a smart design that can adapt to changes and new contexts.

Technical development

Profit from the connection of an innovative Tech-Stack.

Landingpages & Websites

Together with my pool of experts, I will transfer your digital mouthpiece into a technological framework according to the latest standards. This includes backend and frontend, including content management like WordPress or Hubspot and the connection of various marketing tools.

Plattforms, Apps & Smart Services

Whether customer service, employee communication, quality control or logistics – there are intelligent tools for everything. With UX expertise and programming know-how in React, JavaScript or PHP, I can help you realize your software that creates added value.

Agile and Responsive Development

With my agile methods I implement your project transparently and efficiently. My team and I create responsive designs suitable for mobile use and apps – iOS or Android – as well as desktop.

Are you ready for the next level?