Product Launch



UX/UI support for the product development of the social lottery "aidFive".


Behind aidFIVE stand the Deutsche Fernsehlotterie (German Television Lottery) and the Stiftung Deutsches Hilfswerk (German Relief Foundation), which have set themselves the goal of making the world a bit fairer. As the social lottery of the future, aidFive supports charitable projects that all work for a better tomorrow.


Development of the extensive pattern library, translation of the user journeys into responsive design templates, quality assurance of the frontend development.

Key Features

Registration and login, purchase process of the tickets, upload area of the ticket stake, deposit of payment and payout data, profile area and settings.


Digitising a social lottery for a young generation. "Helping should be easy." True to this motto, an MVP was created that combines the joy of playing and helping.


6 Months

Katharina supported us in creating concrete page templates from user stories according to the atomic design principle. This enabled us to keep to the tight schedule of the MVP launch and to pass on the design assets to the frontend and backend development "in time".
Konrad Herrfurth
Konrad Herrfurth
Head of Product, aidFive gGmbH